Components at the heart of the quantum future

KNT has been supplying quantum components for over 5 years to OEMs, Academia and national measurements and standards institutions (i.e. National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)).  The breadth of expertise and capabilities at KNT have enabled us to establish a growing portfolio of components for quantum technology applications; gaining recognition in high profile journals.

Cold atoms formed in Magneto Optical Traps are a key component of quantum-based technologies and are anticipated to be used for future precision timing and sensing for space and global navigation systems; timing for financial trading systems; synchronisation and timing of data networks; and inertia and gravitational sensing.  We produce atom chips that enable laser cooling with a single laser beam to significantly reduce the overall device volume, optical access requirements and apparatus complexity and cost. The reduction of size, weight and power of atom cooling apparatus are critical to realise the commercial potential of quantum systems.

With the ambition to significantly reduce the form factor of atomic quantum devices using chip-scale technology, we have partnered with NPL and Optocap to produce wafer scale microchip devices for the confinement of atomic ions. Their unique set of performance characteristics, together with the scalable fabrication techniques used to produce them, render them an excellent platform for an elementary component in atomic quantum technologies. Clocks, sensors and scalable superpositions and entanglement will benefit. This points the way towards the integration of these devices in future atomic quantum instruments for computing.

Additional areas of development include DFB lasers operating at 780nm for chip-scale atomic systems. The technology is the basis for miniature lasers systems for practical and portable cold atom clocks, inertial sensors, rotation sensors, quantum navigators, magnetometers and electrometers and could ultimately be in every mobile phone.

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