A compact grating Magneto-Optical Trap chip for the generation of ultra-cold atoms.

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A growing portfolio of photonic and quantum components supporting fundamental research, computing, civil engineering, environmental monitoring, mineral prospecting and many more critical industries. This video shows a compact vapour and atom chip for atomic trapping and cooling that will form the heart of future portable quantum timing and metrology systems.  



Partnering in multiple global supply chains for DFB laser manufacture by providing high resolution electron beam lithography and plasma etching services for grating production. The image shows a deep etched 3rd order lateral grating for GaAs lasers.



Custom device prototyping and process development services across a broad range of material systems and geometries. The image shows a multi-level Fresnel lens structure formed in silicon.   


Scanning Probes

Supplying scanning thermal probes for over 15 years through instrument manufacturers and distributors. The image shows a thermal AFM probe with an angled tip capable of mapping sub-100nm topography while providing thermal spatial resolution of 0.1 K.  

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#teamKNT are heading to London for tomorrow’s National Quantum Technologies Showcase at @QEIICentre. Find us at Booth QE13, find out about our Quantum Components #QTshowcase

KNT & @UniStrathclyde have developed a core technology, enabling future generations of compact and portable cold-atom based #quantum products. This grating component is called gMOT.

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